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Ogg and MP3 tools

I have written some small tools to deal with my CD collection. CDs are quite unpractical things: they use up a lot of space and you need to load another one after only one hour. So I convert them to Ogg and MP3.


TkOgg is a Tcl/Tk application that lets the user enter information about the wave files in a directory. It creates two files: toc.tcl, which contains the information TkOgg needs to fill the window when it restarts and Makefile, which can be used to let make create the Ogg and/or MP3 files.

TkOgg window

In the window you can enter the album name on the top, chose a pattern for the file names with the checkboxes (NN stands for track number) and enter author (left side) and title (right side) for each of the files.

You can use "make ogg" or "make mp3" to generate the files. If you have more than one processor, you might want to add "-j 2" as a parameter to use two processors in parallel.

The tool uses oggenc to encode Ogg/Vorbis and lame to encode MP3.


Most commercial MP3 players either don't play Ogg at all or don't stand up to their promise. This script can convert Ogg/Vorbis files into MP3 files. Please be aware that this means three things: 1) it has to convert to Wave first, 2) MP3's are generally bigger, 3) in addition to MP3 being of worse quality you will lose quality simply because you convert from Ogg. If you still have the original it is recommended to convert from it to MP3. However, this tool will save the album, artist, and title tags.

This tool uses oggdec, ogginfo, and lame to do the conversions.

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